We are pleased to announce that Kara Breitenbach will be presenting a workshop at the 2011 Positive Schools Conference in Perth



Kara Breitenbach


Senior Speech Pathologist, Autism Association of Western Australia (Inc)

Master of Science – Speech-Language Pathology

Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois USA

Kara Breitenbach is a Senior Speech Pathologist with over 20 years experience in the field of Autism in both the USA and Australia. Kara is a highly experienced clinician and educator who has worked within classrooms in both the United States and New Zealand. Kara’s skills span designing course-work, developing training materials, writing information books, and delivering professional learning courses for teachers, clinicians, staff, and families as well as assessing communication needs and developing intervention and support protocols for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Kara works as a consultant on communication to the multi-disciplinary service teams supporting children and adults at the Autism Association of Western Australia. As part of her role she provides tertiary level consultancy to clinicians, teachers and other service providers working with the Autism Spectrum population. Kara has a special interest in training and in developing augmentative communication systems for home, school, and community settings. Of particular interest to her is developing augmentative supports to assist children to acquire social skills, play strategies, and to make key transitions, all areas of difficulty for the child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kara is a member of the Speech Pathology Australia Autism Advisory Committee, and has participated in the development of ASD Self Study Modules to assist in the training of speech pathologists working in the field of Autism.



Title of Presentation: Practical Supports for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Presenter: Kara Breitenbach, Senior Speech Pathologist - Autism Association of Western Australia


Summary of presentation:

Students on the Autism Spectrum present with a unique set of strengths and difficulties which can impact on their successful participation in school. This presentation will provide participants with a and introduction to Autism and its impact on student’s participation as well as providing ideas which can be incorporated into the classroom setting, to support these students to access the school curriculum by supporting communication, behaviour and sensory needs and social skills.