Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane


Bernadette Black



Barnardo’s Australian Mother of the Year

Ambassador for National Year of Reading this year

Positive Schools WA, QLD & VIC – Day Two Main Stage Talk







About Bernadette

She's been voted Australia's most confident woman, received endorsement from our Governor General Quentin Bryce, listed among Australia's most Influential women and crowned the Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year. She's an author, media specialist and is in high demand as a speaker nationally in our Secondary Schools and has an emerging corporate following. She has appeared on every morning show on national Television and sits on many boards and committees that empower community both locally and nationally.

As written in a recent national article "Despite these high flauntin' accolades Bernadette Black is more like the girl next door " As ones one audience member (a teacher) wrote "Bernie's speaking is amongst the most powerful I have seen, she had me when she asked the kids if they minded if she take off her heals- that’s passion! Every teen and parent needs to hear Bernie speak!”


Throughout Bernie’s five year speaking career, she has found one revolutionary key- the Brave Key. She has found that bravery is not all about fierce battle, bravery is moral, psychological and physical. This key helps equip students in their teenage years make the most informed decisions in relationships they can make for a tremendous outcome.

Presentation Overview

Bernie’s life changing keynote address has been called just that- a life changer.  Setting the scene for her powerful message about the essence of bravery, Bernie shares her own story from teenage pregnancy to becoming the Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year.

Bernadette Black will also be sharing information about her increasing involvement with the National curriculum and its consistency with the Melbourne Declaration of Educational Goals for young Australians. After receiving congratulatory praise from MP Peter Garrett for her work in Secondary Schools, it has been acknowledged that Bernie’s work in the space of Values Based Decision making in relationships is integral to the foundations of successful learning for both kids and teens in Australian schools.