Friday  workshop


Victoria Carlton

About Victoria

Victoria Carlton is the Director of the INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE. She is a talented international educator with over 30 years of teaching experience at all levels. Victoria has a passion and talent for literacy education, teaching children who learn differently and providing challenge programs for gifted and talented children.

Her EQ4KIDZ course has raised a lot of media attention, due to the very positive effects for children and families. She was featured in the Sunday Times and interviewed for TODAY TONIGHT .

Her parenting course: EQ4FAMILIES has proven to be a very effective tool for raising the emotional intelligence of whole families.

Workshop Overview

This informative workshop will give you vital tools for raising the emotional intelligence of the children you work with. You will learn about the history and research around the acclaimed EQ4KIDZ course. 

The importance of nurturing your own EQ will be emphasised and you will be given some proven methods to achieve this. You will be shown some practical strategies to help your children become more resilient, motivated and in touch with their feelings.

During the workshop you will view some art and story based strategies that enable children to form goals, improve Intra and interpersonal intelligences and generally become happier and able to deal with strong emotions and deal with problems.

You will also find out about the strong links between high emotional intelligence and academic achievement and why these teaching strategies need to be used in ALL schools to empower children to reach their full potential.  The workshop will involve viewing children engaged in the activities as well as discussion and some “hands-on” strategies that raise our own as well as children’s EQ.

All participants will receive a CD that summarises the workshop and provides many practical ideas to get your students started on their EQ journeys!