Gabriel Baldwin


Suicide Postvention – A new service for secondary schools


About Gabriel

Gabriel Baldwin has been working in the field of education and mental health since 2003. She has worked as a teacher in a variety of schools in Victoria and overseas. Through teaching Gabriel developed a passion for holistic education, supporting young people in both their academic endeavours and their mental health.  Since 2010, Gabriel has worked at headspace National and has contributed to reviewing the mental training and resources available for teachers and students in Australian secondary schools. She is currently researching suicide postvention in secondary schools and is working with a team to develop a national service to assist secondary schools after a suicide.

Presentation Overview

An estimated two to three high school aged young people die by suicide each week in Australia. This equates to approximately 130 deaths each year. For every completed suicide there is an estimated 40 to 50 suicide attempts.

headspace, Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation has developed a service model to assist schools that are affected by suicide. The service is based on findings from an evidence review and extensive stakeholder consultations. This presentation will outline the research findings, which show that despite a large expressed need for postvention support in this setting, there is a dearth of evidence. Furthermore, it will unpack the service model, highlighting the resources and services available to schools, parents and their communities.