Assoc Professor Helen Street           

Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne


Having successfully completed a PhD at The University of Sheffield in the UK, Assoc Professor Helen Street worked in mental health research before travelling to Australia in 1998.

Helen was employed as a university lecturer in Queensland and quickly gained international standing as an expert in psychological aspects of stress and wellbeing. She has published internationally in respected academic journals and presented her work in Europe, North America and Australia. In 1999 Helen was employed by the medical faculty at the University of Western Australia. She became an A/ Professor in 2009 having taken over the running of the undergraduate Behavioural Science program in late 2005.

 Helen is an adjunct research consultant for the health department of Western Australia's Centre for Clinical Interventions and a registered psychologist specialising in the cognitive treatment of depression and anxiety. She is also co-conference organiser for PositiveSchools. 

In 2011 Helen was awarded the title of Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Graduate Education at The University of Western Australia.

Helen’s latest book ‘Life Overload’ is being published by Finch Publishing and will be released in June 2011. Pre-release copies are available at the conference