Lyn Nelson


St Leonards Primary School


NEiTA National Award Recipient


Positive Schools VIC - Day Two Main Stage




About Lynn


Lyn Nelson has been a primary school teacher for over 30 years. After many years in the classroom, Lyn studied Special Education and became the Special Needs Coordinator at St. Leonard’s in Glen Waverley. In 2008 she was appointed Wellbeing Coordinator and together with the principal, Bob Davis, established the Wellbeing Centre which caters for  the social, emotional and academic needs of the students of St. Leonard‘s.

In 2010 she was the recipient of a National NEiTA Award for educational leadership. She is currently working towards her Master’s in Student Wellbeing and will travel to the United States in August to attend a five day program with Dr. Aureen Wagner to better understand anxiety disorders and best practice in managing anxious students in the school environment.


Presentation Overview


Students with learning difficulties are well identified and supported at St. Leonard’s. Significant resources have been allocated so that those whose academic needs are not easily met in the classroom are catered for in a nurturing and well resourced centre.  The increasing incidence of students with social and emotional needs presented challenges however, in terms of identifying those most ‘at-risk’ and equipping staff to manage the impact of these conditions in the classroom setting. Teachers are well equipped to assess academic competencies but are only beginning to identify with concepts relating to the mental wellbeing of their students.

This presentation follows the journey of a school in attempting to raise the profile of all areas of student wellbeing: academic, social and emotional. The establishment of a Wellbeing Centre at St. Leonard’s has promoted the importance of all issues concerning our student’s wellbeing and our journey towards identifying the social and emotional needs of our at risk students. Measurement tools, effective programs and how St. Leonard’s cater for students will be discussed in this presentation.