Meg Roche

Brisbane and Melbourne

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Meg Roche is the Consultant and Key Trainer for You Can Do It! Education in Western Australia. Meg works with Professor Michael Bernard the Founder of You Can Do It! Education, a program for promoting student social-emotional well-being and achievement. She has been involved in the teaching and facilitation of YCDI workshops and in-service training for teachers and parents since 1997. During this time, Meg has established and grown a network of State and Independent schools throughout Western Australia who have adopted the YCDI philosophy.  You Can Do It! Education  in Western Australia has a team of    four YCDI accredited trainers lead  by Meg Roche the Consultant  and Key Trainer. Meg is often asked to travel both intra and interstate to work with Aboriginal Communities, their schools and their parent and organisational groups.

Meg’s teaching career is long and varied having taught all levels from Pre primary to year 12 including ESC and special groups of behaviourally challenged secondary students... In 1997 she won the secondary teacher of the year award for Western Australia followed by the award for National Teacher of Excellence in 1998. This is judged through all levels of teaching and all states.


Positive Mindset the Boosters and Blockers

To live a happy and successful life we a need good emotional well-being.  When the world moved at a slower pace there was time to talk to children and young people, to encourage them and help them form opinions and values, but now we seem to all be running at a million miles an hour and it is these very things so important to   good emotional well being that are being left out. Schools can and must take up the slack and teach the thinking needed for positive attitudes and the resulting emotional well being and academic success.

Students need teachers who care and a learning relationship can be developed.  Some bring to school the mindset specific to generational poverty, some have developmental problems and  some just seem lost. We must teach, encourage and strengthen the positive attitudes of all young people in our care. Educators need to understand, for themselves and, then teach the boosters that fulfil this need and the blockers that destroy the positives in lives.   How does a school choose a program to suit all with their many problems?  Will a good program teach the code switching skills for child from generational poverty so they  can succeed in a middle class school?


Emotional Well Being for Every Student, by Every Teacher, in Every Class, Every Day.  

Very simple almost effortless activities to achieve this aim and so increase the fun and learning which in turn improves the morale of all at every school. Decrease the time you spend on crowd control, giving more time to teaching and just enjoy being an educator and working   mentally healthy achieving students.