Lucy and Rosie Thomas



Rosie Thomas

Rosie is a passionate and gutsy youth professional whose commitment to the empowerment of young people is a force to be reckoned with. Rosie has been awarded the title of ‘Role Model of the Month’ by Girlfriend Magazine, in recognition of her commitment to empowering young women. In 2010, she was awarded first place in the Victorian Business Icon Awards, an intensive social entrepreneurship competition adjudicated by leading Australian business innovators.  Her highlight is rocking out at the 2010 Cyber-Racism Summit in Sydney, wowing major corporates with her genuine understanding of youth online culture.

Lucy Thomas

Lucy is a highly creative and innovative youth professional, whose imaginative take on life is at the core of her ability to amplify the abilities of the young people she works with.  In 2010, Lucy made her International debut as a speaker at the U.S. National ‘Stop Girl Bullying’ Conference in Texas, during which she appeared on primetime CBS news.  Last year Lucy was also named winner of Anthill Magazine’s 30 under 30 awards, which provides recognition to 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 for their outstanding entrepreneurial endeavours.


PROJECT ROCKIT is a Victorian-based Anti-bullying and Youth Leadership program that is run by young people for young people.  Launched in 2006 by sisters Lucy and Rosie Thomas, PROJECT ROCKIT is the outcome of two young people who wanted to achieve change. Since then, PROJECT ROCKIT has worked with over 20,000 young people in schools, universities and community groups, earning the reputation as the “student’s choice”.  But PROJECT ROCKIT is not just an anti-bullying program. PROJECT ROCKIT is a strengths-based, outcome-oriented initiative that recognizes the strengths of young people and cultivates the personal leadership to further develop them.