Penny Sampson


Brisbane Friday  workshop


Penny is a Master Facilitator with the Virtues Project, a program which is having a positive impact worldwide for individuals, families, schools, and communities.  With a continuing passion to engage and support people to reflect and be inspired towards positive change in their lives, she believes that we are all born in potential and that the very nature of our daily relationships, interactions and life experiences, which are at the very heart of how we grow and develop, can either discourage or inspire us to express our innate qualities and gifts and hence our character.

Over the years she has developed a deep understanding of using the five strategies of the Virtues Project with the virtues to support us all to bring out the best in ourselves and others.  She is a trainer in person centered thinking and planning and has an extensive experience in the facilitation of small and large groups within organizational and public settings.

As a wife and mother of four and grandmother to 14 grandchildren she incorporates the Virtues into her personal life having realized the power that it has in providing personal strength and a positive outlook for all ‘life’s challenges’.



Workshop Overview

The Virtues Project has a rich history that spans over many countries. It is inclusive of all religions, races, schools, businesses, parenting styles and ultimately, people who are on a life-long mission to bring authenticity into their lives.

The philosophy is basic: every person is born with innate spiritual qualities (the virtues) and the project aims to help people realise this and then grow in potential by self-managing choices they make aligned with the virtues.

For parents/educators it is the most simple, profound and inspiring tool to enable children to develop authentic self-worth and self-management skills.


The 5 strategies the project promotes are:

1. Use the language of the Virtues - use acknowledgments for self/others

2. Recognise teachable moments - for guiding and correcting

3. Setting Boundaries - for self, partnerships, groups

4. Honour the spirit - finding "me" time

5. Spiritual companioning - like life coaching, counselling  - can be done by anyone!