Professor Elizabeth Handsley


University of Flinders


Professor or Law and President of the Australian Council on Children and Media


Positive Schools WA, QLD & VIC


Masterclass ‘Eyes Wide open’ expert presenter and panellist


About Elizabeth


Elizabeth Handsley is Professor of Law at Flinders University, where she has worked since 1996, teaching constitutional law and media law. She has taught also at universities in Sydney and Perth. Since 2010 she has been President of the Australian Council on Children and the Media, having served as Vice-President for some 5 years prior to that.

Elizabeth is becoming well-known as a researcher and commentator on legal issues relating to children and the media, especially violence and marketing.


Presentation Overview


The sexualisation of children: regulation (in)action

Elizabeth’s presentation will outline the community concerns about sexualisation of children, making it clear that these are not moral panics over sexuality, but rather a subset of the reservations many have about  advertising to children and the objectification of women. The talk will then discuss the various attempts that have been made in Australia to address the concerns, and the way these have shown up various deficiencies in our legal system for addressing modern media practices. Finally some innovative solutions will be suggested.