Will talk in Perth about ‘dyslexia and intelligence’ and how teachers can use this knowledge in the classroom.



Professor Mike Anderson

University of Western Australia


WA Day two main stage presentation


About Mike


Professor Mike Anderson is currently Director of the Neurocognitive Development Unit and Director of the Child Study Centre in the School of Psychology at The University of Western Australia.  Before coming to Australia Professor Anderson gained a Doctorate from the University of Oxford, worked as a Research Scientist for the Medical Research Council in London was appointed an MRC Senior Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.  He developed his theory of intelligence and development that was published in 1992.  In addition he has published over 50 papers and chapters in this field and has edited three books, the most recent being Neuroscience in education: the good, the bad and the ugly: Oxford University Press, co-edited with Prof Sergio Della Sala from the University of Edinburgh.


Presentation Overview


Dyslexia and Intelligence


It was once a truism that intelligence and dyslexia were intimately related if only because children who found reading and spelling difficult were considered stupid if not lazy.  We now know much better than that and dyslexia can be considered a developmental disorder, albeit one with a number of possible causes.  In this talk I will consider theories and data related to our understanding of the causes of dyslexia.  I will discuss the best evidence-based practice interventions for dyslexia and contrast them with the “quackery” that bedevils this area.  I will also consider the role that intelligence still plays in the diagnosis of dyslexia.  Finally I will discuss some implications of the latest cognitive neuroscience for general classroom teaching of children learning to read.