Perth and Melbourne Friday  workshops


This project has changed my life! It has empowered me to be the best person I can be at every moment all of the aspects of my life; home, marriage, teaching, professional conduct, spirituality and self-esteem. I chose to attend the first course back in 2007 because as a teacher I was becoming cynical and losing sight of the reason I decided to teach (to change the world, one child at a time). I am 100% confident that I now have a positive impact on every child that I teach, every person that I meet and that I can sustain a rich and meaningful life with these strategies.

Workshop Overview

The Virtues Project has a rich history that spans over many countries. It is inclusive of all religions, races, schools, businesses, parenting styles and ultimately, people who are on a life-long mission to bring authenticity into their lives.

The philosophy is basic: every person is born with innate spiritual qualities (the virtues) and the project aims to help people realise this and then grow in potential by self-managing choices they make aligned with the virtues.

For parents/educators it is the most simple, profound and inspiring tool to enable children to develop authentic self-worth and self-management skills.


The 5 strategies the project promotes are:

1. Use the language of the Virtues - use acknowledgments for self/others

2. Recognise teachable moments - for guiding and correcting

3. Setting Boundaries - for self, partnerships, groups

4. Honour the spirit - finding "me" time

5. Spiritual companioning - like life coaching, counselling  - can be done by anyone!