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Main Stage

14.30 - 15.30



iPads for Diverse Learners


presented by



(Qld) Bob Rodgers (WA) Jenny Jongste,

(Vic) Corrie Barclay, (NSW) Craig Smith



 This workshop will explore the use of iPad in the accessibility and special education spaces in your classroom.


You will explore the out-of-the-box features that can assist diverse learners and apps that can enhance the individual learning needs of students with learning difficulties.


Target audience: All teachers who teach children with special needs and learning difficulties and all special education teachers




About our ADE Positive Schools presenters


Qld – About Bob


Bob Rodgers Started his teaching career in 1973 at the St George Secondary Department and now in his 41st year in education is still passionate about his role in helping people to become life-long learners.




Bob is presently a Principal Project Officer with Information Technology Branch looking at emerging learning technologies and their possibilities for education. He has always been interested in the part that technology can play in engaging learners – from slide projectors and video cameras in the 1970s to the present where robots, data loggers and mobile devices like the iPad are used to enrich learning.



WA - About Jenny


Jenny is currently working for Notre Dame University in Fremantle WA and is also involved in a number of projects within the Catholic Education Office of WA.  She is a passionate educator, particularly focussed on adults and undergraduate teachers.  She believes that IT can be the greatest tool at a teacher's disposal and loves to mentor and coach others to use all forms of technology in the most effective, and easiest way possible.  

Jenny has presented at a number of state and national conferences as well as conducted countless Professional Learning sessions and projects with schools in WA, NT, QLD and VIC.

Being an extreme gadget junkie, Jen saw the potential of the iPods and iPads to change the landscape of teaching.  She spends way too much money on the iTunes store and is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to extend thinking using mobile devices.  



Vic - About Corrie


A teacher for 11 years, Corrie has presented at various State, National and International Conferences. These include ULEARN 2010 and 12, VITTA10-12 and ICTEV State Conference 2010-12. He has also been fortunate enough to Keynote the GTAV Conference in 2012 and the ALIA Conference in 2013.




Corrie was chosen to participate in Google Teacher Academy 2011, held at Google HQ in Sydney, and is now a Google Certified Teacher. He was also selected to become an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) at the beginning of 2013.




Corrie’s passion has always been the challenge’s involved in achieving a whole school approach to the seamless integration of ICT into all aspects of Teaching and Learning. This includes the Peer Coaching of his Colleagues and encouraging his students to be inquisitive, responsible and well informed global citizens, who ‘give back’ to the world wide web as well as draw on the many teaching, learning and collaborative opportunities the wider global community has to offer.



NSW – About Craig


Craig works as an Educational Outreach consultant in Newcastle, New South Wales for Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). His job involves consulting with families and staff across a range of school settings in all NSW educational systems, establishing plans to best support the inclusion and success of students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This consultancy also includes diagnosis disclosure to individuals with an ASD, school in-service workshops and social skill peer support groups in collaboration with local community organisations.




Craig has worked as a class teacher and coordinator at Aspect for eight years, previously working across other school settings in a range of inclusive support roles. Craig is a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle and has presented at national and international research conferences including the bi-annual Asia Pacific Autism Conference, presenting primarily on topics related to technology and inclusive pedagogy.




Craig was awarded the 2011 Elizabeth Hoyles Research Fellowship for work with Interactive Whiteboards, and was made an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2013.