Master Class (Day 2)

Main Stage (Day 1)

Day 1 Concurrent Sessions & Workshops

Geelong Grammar School







14.30 – 15.30


Celebrating Creativity in Positive Education

with Charlie Scudamore (all states), Justin Robinson (Qld and Vic), Debbie Clingeleffer Woodford (WA) & Janis Coffey (NSW)



15.55 – 16.15

Keynote Presentation

In Search of Building a Creative School

Charlie Scudamore, Vice Principal



'Celebrating Creativity in Positive Education'

(Thursday Workshop)


Creativity is an important element of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School, fitting predominantly within the Positive Engagement domain but informing each of the six key domains for wellbeing. Creativity is also classified as one of the twenty-four VIA Character Strengths and is viewed as a skill and practice which can be taught and nurtured in all students and staff.


Creativity is not limited to the Arts at Geelong Grammar School but is regarded as a vital way of engaging in all subject areas and co-curricular pursuits. The School is embarking on designing specific lessons for students in all year levels to develop the skills of creative thinking, creative problem-solving and creative expression.


Geelong Grammar School is determined to nurture their naturally curious and highly imaginative students and staff and this workshop will provide you with an in-depth insight into why the School is promoting creativity. Key creativity principles will be outlined and myths dispelled as you hear the key messages fostered within the school community. Examples will be provided to illustrate how creativity will be explicitly and implicitly taught both inside and outside the classroom at various year levels. An opportunity will also be provided for participants to consider ways they could increase their deliberate approach to nurturing creativity in their school community.


In Search of Building a Creative School” 

(Thursday Keynote Presentation)


Geelong Grammar School is well-known for its whole-school approach to Positive Education where all staff (teaching and non-teaching) are trained in the principles of Positive Psychology.  A dedicated subject has also been introduced to explicitly teach the skills of wellbeing and relevant school-wide practices promoting community wellbeing are adopted.  Taking the valuable lessons learnt from this successful whole-school approach to wellbeing, Geelong Grammar School is now intentionally focusing on promoting a whole-school approach to Creativity.  This presentation will explain why and how the School is embedding and promoting creativity throughout its four campuses and throughout its School community.


About Charlie

Charlie Scudamore, BA Hons, PGCE Oxon: Vice Principal Geelong Grammar School, joined Geelong Grammar School in 1990. Since that time he has held many positions of responsibility including; Head of Geography, Head of a boys boarding house, Head of Timbertop and Head of Corio. Since 2006, Charlie has been responsible for the development and implementation of Positive Education throughout the organisation. He has presented on Positive Education at many conferences in Australia and internationally, including a keynote address at the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology Summit held in Philadelphia in 2013 and a visit to Finland to meet key Ministry of Education and University of Vassa Education Department personnel. At the MAPP Summit Professor Martin Seligman presented Charlie with the Pioneer Award for Positive Psychology, for pioneering work in the application of Positive Psychology. In his role as Vice Principal he devotes much of his time working with the Institute of Positive Education and leads the School's focus on Creativity and Innovation.


About Justin

Justin Robinson, M.Ed. MACE, is the inaugural Director of the Institute of Positive Education, based at Geelong Grammar School, where he leads a team of staff dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of Positive Education. His appointment follows a very successful career as a secondary school teacher, during which time he taught Mathematics and Physical Education, and was appointed to many leadership positions at both Trinity Grammar School and Geelong Grammar School, where he was Head of the Positive Education Department for four years. Other educational experiences Justin has enjoyed include a year teaching at Uppingham School in England, organising and leading the first ever student sailing expedition to Antarctica, and co-authoring current Australian Curriculum Mathematics textbooks. An enthusiastic sportsman, Justin has coached many school sporting teams and is a keen marathon runner. Justin and his wife Jeanette and their four children live on the Corio campus of Geelong Grammar School.


About Debbie

Debbie Clingeleffer Woodford, BSc Hons, Dip.Ed, is the Director of Learning for Geelong Grammar School, based at Corio Campus. Debbie currently teaches IB Chemistry and coaches rowing. Debbie was formerly Head of Clyde House, a senior girl's boarding house at Corio, and she also taught at Timbertop for a number of years where she was a Head of a number of girls' units as well as teaching Science and Mathematics. Debbie was a member of the founding Geelong Grammar team responsible for researching and investigating Positive Psychology for the School. She has taught Positive Education to Year 10 students from 2009 to 2012 (& 2014) and she has been involved as a trainer in Positive Psychology courses held at GGS in 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013.


About Janis

Janis Coffey, BA, PGradDipEd, is the Associate Director for the Institute of Positive Education. She has formerly been the Head of Teaching & Learning at Geelong Grammar's Toorak Campus and has over eleven years' experience in early childhood and primary education. Janis is a Workshop Leader for the International Baccalaureate where she trains teachers in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) throughout the Asia-Pacific region. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. She has most recently been invited to act as a consultant for the Global PYP Review to provide challenge and stimulus to thinking and practice on key topics such as Creativity, Innovation and Student Well-being. Janis has a strong background and passion for the Arts and enjoys acting, writing and directing for both theatre and film.



 About Geelong Grammar School


Geelong Grammar School have been implementing the principles of Positive Education since 2008, when they were fortunate to have Professor Martin Seligman live with them for six months and train staff in the tenets of Positive Psychology.  The School now has a robust Model for Positive Education which has the central aim of promoting wellbeing and a desired outcome of enabling students and staff to flourish.  The Model consists of six related domains – Positive Relationships, Positive Emotions, Positive Health, Positive Engagement, Positive Accomplishment and Positive Purpose.  The six domains are underpinned by the important field of Character Strengths.