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Dr Helen Street

Helen Street Positive Schools 


9.00 – 10.30

Creativity, Wellbeing and Classroom Engagement

Keynote Presentation and Onstage Interview


The Brilliance of Boredom


Unlike popular movies would have us believe, creativity is not some magical quality that descends on the chosen few.  It is a skill that can be developed and nurtured with time and opportunity. What’s more, developing creativity is a vital component in nurturing wellbeing.


Creativity not only helps young people to define their humanity, it is strongly linked to their mental health and academic competencies. If young Australians continually rely on being passively entertained, creativity is a precious skill that is in danger of diminishing.  We need time to think, time to ‘be bored’ so that we can develop our creative selves. Without creativity, our engagement with learning and our wellbeing struggle. 


This presentation addresses the ‘brilliance of boredom’ and the need to encourage opportunity for unstructured time, as steps in the nurturing of creativity, innovation, engagement and wellbeing in both ourselves and our students.


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About Helen


Applied Social psychologist and education expert Dr Helen Street has worked extensively in Australian schools since 1999. Her work focuses on how social influence impacts on wellbeing, engagement and motivation in young people and in adults. Her ideas and research findings have been presented internationally in academic journals and in the popular media. Helen's work has been met with international acclaim and has been endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and 'brown eyes blue eyes' creator Jane Elliott, among many others.


Helen is an adjunct research consultant for the health department of WA's Centre for Clinical Interventions and co-chair for Positive Schools. In 2011 Helen was awarded the title of Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Graduate Education at UWA. She was the show psychologist for Channel Ten's 'The Circle' and is now a regular feature writer for Western Teacher. Helen is one of the original creators of Positive Schools in addition to being a regular host and presenter at the events. Helen's latest book "Better Than OK' is co-edited with Neil Porter and will be launched at this year's Positive Schools conferences Australia wide.


Helen lives with her partner and their three daughters in Perth, WA.


Better Than OK


Helen’s is also co-editor of ‘Better Than OK’. ‘Better Than OK’ is a comprehensive, engaging and authoritative book for all teachers and parents who want to help children flourish at school and beyond. ‘Better Than OK’ is published by Fremantle Press and is being launched at Positive Schools 2014. This ‘must have’ book features over 30 solution focused chapters from your favourite past and present Positive Schools presenters.