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Jenevieve Chang

 Jenevieve Chang Positive Schools

Friday 9.00 – 10.30

Creativity, Wellbeing and Classroom Engagement

Keynote Presentation and Onstage Interview


Why stories are good for the brain.


Our brains are wired to enjoy a good yarn. We love to become immersed in a journey, in an imaginary world where we can connect and identify with others. Telling stories is at the heart of dramatic play. Elements of focus, mood, contrast, time, symbol, tension and space come together to frame and express this experience of empathy and connects students to themselves, and then to their audience.

The tools that take the passage of story through to performance leads to an enhanced ability to make creative choices, interpret ideas and emotionally engage with the cause and effect of life.


This presentation delves into Jenevieve Chang’s own performance practice to explore strategies to create, share and perform the personal, and how the process of making meaning out of the complexity and creativity of life can lead to self-discovery, hope and belonging.


About Jenevieve


Jenevieve Chang works as a performer in theatre, dance and hybrid forms of storytelling.

In Australia, she has worked with Performance 4a, Sidetrack Performance Group, State of Play and Legs on the Wall as well as Chopped Logic, Yellow Earth Theatre, the Lady Greys, Fran Barbe Dance and Benjamin Zephanaiah in the UK.

Jenevieve lived in China between 2008-2010 where she co-founded Fifth Wall – a hub of artists developing intercultural performance

Between 2004- 2007, Jenevieve worked as Education Officer at the V & A's Theatre Museum in London and is currently the Senior Course Manager at NIDA.

Jenevieve recently performed in Stories Then and Now, directed by William Yang and Annette Shun Wah at Carriageworks, Casula Powerhouse and Ozasia Festival 2013.