Master Class (Day 2)

Main Stage (Day 1)

Day 1 Concurrent Sessions & Workshops

Professor Tim Sharp

(Dr Happy)



10.00 – 10.30

Keynote Presentation


Be Happy. Be Different. Be Happy


Happiness means so many different things to so many different people. But the good news is that this is OK because so many people are different. In fact, we're all different! It's become a cliché to state that every individual is unique but like all clichés there's an element of truth within. Yet we often forget this when it comes to living our lives; and our children/students often forget this when they're so busy trying to be accepted and to fit in. In this keynote Dr. Tim Sharp (aka Dr. Happy) will present the latest research supporting how you can be different and fit in at the same time. More than this, he'll argue that fitting in differently is the only way we'll ever truly enjoy real and meaningful happiness. 


About Tim


Professor Tim Sharp is an expert in human behaviour and thinking. He knows that understanding and connecting with people (including getting the most out of them), is a serious business. Prof. Sharp takes it so seriously that he is passionate about making it fun and entertaining so his audiences actually listen and learn. Prof. Sharp has three degrees in psychology, more than two decades experience as a clinical psychologist, executive coach, corporate consultant, entrepreneur, manager, employer and parent!

He’s widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in the exciting new fields of positive psychology and is highly regarded among his academic colleagues (holding professorial appointments at UTS Business School and RMIT School of Health Sciences) as well as those in the business community. On top of all of that, he’s a best-selling author and regular media commentator who’s been read and heard and seen by literally millions of people over the last few years via his appearances on and contributions to Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Today Show, the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph and ABC radio.