Master Class (Day 2)

Main Stage (Day 1)

Day 1 Concurrent Sessions & Workshops


Resilient Kids

Professor Toni Noble/Professor Helen McGrath




13.30 – 14.30



Resilient Kids


A practical, experiential session that workshops a range of engaging evidence-based activities that primary school teachers can readily embed in their everyday lessons to help their students ‘bounce back’.   This workshop translates some of the latest research in positive psychology/education into effective classroom strategies to help students learn the social-emotional emotional ‘life’ skills essential for resilience & academic success.


About Toni and Helen


Toni Noble & Helen McGrath are both leading educators and psychologists working in the fields of child and young people’s wellbeing & positive school communities. Their Government projects include National Safe Schools Framework, the new Safe Schools Hub ( <> ) and the Scoping Study on Student Wellbeing. They are co-authors of the award-winning BOUNCE BACK! Wellbeing & Resilience Program; HITS & HOTS on student engagement, Eight Ways At Once Book 1 & 2 on curriculum differentiation & other books. Toni is Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at Australian Catholic University and Helen is Adjunct Professor in the School of Education at Deakin University. They are also both on the Advisory Board for the National Centre Against Bullying.