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14.30 – 15.30


beyondblue SenseAbility


senseability positive schools conference

SenseAbility is a strengths based resilience program designed for those working with young Australians aged 12-18. It was developed to enhance and maintain emotional and psychological resilience in young Australians. It was created with classroom delivery in mind but has strong potential to benefit young people in other structured environments such as TAFE and youth organisations.
The program is based on cognitive-behavioural principles; the evidence based approach which says that our thoughts play a critical role in influencing feelings and consequent behaviour.
Young people who possess sound social and emotional skills are generally better able to cope with the stressors of daily life. They also tend to have better relationships with parents, teachers and peers, and perform better academically. Very importantly, having these skills makes it less likely that a young person will experience significant mental health problems in the future.
 The SenseAbility Workshop is for new and current users of SenseAbility, and will cover:

 About beyondblue
beyondblue exists to provide a national focus and community leadership to increase the capacity of the broader Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively.
They aim to build a society that understands and responds to the personal and social impact of depression, works actively to prevent it, and improves the quality of life for everyone affected.

For more information on SenseAbility, please visit or contact Education Projects Manager Rene Hahn on 03 9810 6168 or email