Positive Education is about teaching young people skills and knowledge to help increase wellbeing and decrease illbeing.  At Geelong Grammar School (GGS) this falls within the key process of Teaching Positive Education; however, we know this is not enough. Not only is it not enough, without a safe and cohesive learning environment and an inclusive school culture it may well be relatively ineffective.

The GGS Model for Positive Education emphasizes four interconnected and repeated processes for successful implementation of a whole-school approach to wellbeing: Learn, Live, Teach and Embed.  In this keynote, GGS’s Principal, Rebecca Cody or GGS’s Head of Positive Education, Rhiannon McGee will stress the importance of Living and Embedding Positive Education within a school culture. Amongst the varied and demanding responsibilities of school leaders lies the challenge of role-modelling and enabling wellbeing for all members of their community. This challenge requires time, energy, collaboration, creativity and a clear guiding set of values. 

Through the lens of school leadership this presentation will explore strategies to enable and foster wellbeing through creating a positive school culture.  Specific practical examples will be shared to unpack the importance of people, policies and practices, social norms and physical space in creating a contextual wellbeing environment.

Presenter:  Rhiannon McGee (Brisbane, Sydney, Perth)  Rebecca Cody (Melbourne)
Time:  11:30am – 12:00pm
Duration:  30 mins

About Rebecca:

As a Principal, Rebecca Cody frames her responsibilities in terms of Chief Educator, Learner, Strategist, Coach and Ambassador. Across two decades she has taught and led schools in Tasmania, Western Australia, New Zealand and Victoria. In 2012 Rebecca received a WA Business News 40-under-40 award for her change management at Methodist Ladies’ College, Claremont, and was the University of Western Australia's Strategic Alliance winner. Commencing in 2018, Rebecca is the first woman and first Australian-born to be offered the privilege of leading the iconic Geelong Grammar School. As an alumna and Moderator of the Cranlana programme, Rebecca relishes every opportunity to contemplate moral agency through the ancients’ wisdom. She keeps fit by chasing her two children around the house in search of cuddles. The cuddles, Japanese green tea and literary classics are her favourite indulgences.


About Rhiannon:

Rhiannon McGee is the Head of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School, leading the School’s wellbeing program across four campuses. Prior to this, Rhiannon held a range of leadership roles in the area of student wellbeing, most recently as the Director of Wellbeing and Positive Education at Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak, an independent girls’ school in Melbourne. Rhiannon is passionate about the promotion of community wellbeing and furthering the field of positive education. This has led her to complete the Masters of Education (Student Wellbeing), the Professional Certificate in Positive Education and the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Rhiannon is also an English teacher with an interest in philosophy, the arts and travel.