‘Wellbeing’, ‘happiness’ and ‘sustainability’ are often explored as separate subject areas and yet we live in a time when global warming and climate change are arguably the biggest threat to our wellbeing and happiness.
The ‘Wheel of Wellbeing’ or WoW ( is not only a simple and accessible tool to ignite/reignite a passion for learning and teaching about wellbeing through the lens of positive psychology, it also looks at the importance of our sense of place and the role we can play in the planet’s future. Inspired by Pullenvale Environmental Education Centre (PEEC) in Brisbane, this workshop will explore our deep connection with nature and modern concepts of happiness using the Wheel of Wellbeing. Queensland Mental Health Commission have worked with the Department Education to bring the Wheel of Wellbeing (developed by South London and Maudsley NHS Trust) to Queensland schools. WoW:- a practical tool that can help join the dots between ‘nature’ and ‘wellbeing’ between ancient wisdom and modern science.
The aim of this workshop is to give you practical strategies, insightful examples and leave you feeling inspired.

About Michael
Michael Hardie has an extensive background in developing and delivering wellbeing and community initiatives from Glasgow to Goodna; from breakfast clubs in primary schools and interactive drama tours in secondary, to heading up KidsMatter in Queensland. With over 25 years’ experience in education and health promotion, Michael has a passion for the practical application of neuroscience in learning and leadership and enhancing wellbeing with all kinds of schools. He has been ‘rolling out’ the Wheel of Wellbeing in Brisbane metro area on behalf of Queensland Department of Education and Queensland Mental Health Commission. With a passion for working with school communities to nurture happy, balanced kids, he loves spending time with his own two: Rory (14) and Beth (11) and is currently growing bananas.