About Dr. Nimrod Sheinman
Dr. Nimrod Sheinman is one of Israel's leading mind-body experts, and an international spokesperson advocating mindfulness-based initiatives with children. He is the founder and director of Israel's Centre for Mindfulness in Education, co-founder of Israel's Centre for Mind-Body Medicine, and leads the International Soul of Education Initiative, now gaining momentum around the globe.
About 20 years ago, supported by Israel’s ministry of education, he initiated the country’s first whole-school mindfulness in education project, among the first of its kind in the world. The benefits of the whole-school model have since reached thousands of children, teachers and parents (recent publication -).
In the last three decades, he presented mind-body medicine workshops and mindfulness in education seminars in universities, institutes, hospitals and international conferences in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Israel. Nimrod Sheinman lives in Israel and can be reached at
Mindfulness in Education: Insights, Stories & Outcomes
What programs may forget and what we need to remember

Mindfulness with children, if well adapted into education, gives us a unique opportunity (or - profound pathway) to cultivate children’s attention, self-awareness, emotional management, wellbeing and self-efficacy. Understanding these dimensions is crucial to any mindfulness in education program.
In this keynote presentation, Nimrod will introduce us to innovative models of mindfulness in education around the world, and to insights gained from his own initiative, which has started 20 years ago, and seems to be among the first long-term whole-school implementations in the world.
The presentation will focus on four main themes:

Drawing on applied science, anecdotes, children’s feedbacks, observations and qualitative and quantitative outcomes, the talk will guide us to the inner world of children: their deeper needs, the way they perceive mindfulness, why they appreciate it, how they remember it, and the life applications they do with it.
Nimrod will summarize the lessons he has gathered locally and globally, and the practical perspectives, strategies and skills that we need in order to integrate mindfulness into education in a successful and rewarding way.