Nature-based Learning for Children

Angela Rossen
Children are both scientists and artists by their nature. Curiosity and competition drive their play. These are the very qualities that motivate all creative and scientific enquiry.
Using those natural impulses, Angela Rossen creates nature-based learning experiences for children. Activities in the classroom and in the field connect children with nature and the study of biology so they will want to make their own discoveries at school at home and beyond.
Angela Rossen will demonstrate exciting ways to engage children in the study of whole ecosystems using Science, Art and Digital media methodologies. Her projects are designed to give children the tools to continue their biological investigations beyond school and to examine and consider the effect of their impacts on the environment.

About Angela

Angela Rossen is an artist working with schools and community groups to connect children with the biodiversity of their own environment using both Science and Art methodologies.
Partnering with educational institutions, local government, NRM organisations, research institutions and naturalist and volunteer conservation groups, she presents a range of workshops and events bringing communities together to discover whole system ecology and the biodiversity of their own environment.

Angela has travelled extensively to paint and draw in the landscape and has exhibited regularly since graduating from Curtin University in 1981. She currently holds the position of Honorary Research Associate at UWA School of the Biological Sciences and has worked with research scientists since 2008.