Coaching for Improved Performance and Wellbeing
Cut Through Coaching
This workshop picks up where Dan Haesler's keynote left off and is aimed at leaders and aspiring leaders who want to maximise engagement in their teams. As well as being more productive, well-coached teams report feeling more supported, more valued and more autonomous. In this workshop, participants will learn the skillset and mindset required to coach their teams and will be introduced to Cut Through Coaching's SHIFT Model for Coaching Conversations. The workshop will include practical coaching conversations aimed at achieving authentic connections and outcomes for every workshop participant. Participants will also receive a workbook as well as access to an online platform with further learning and coaching resources to deploy back in their organisation. 
An overview of Cut Through Coaching & Consulting
Cut Through Coaching & Consulting works with organisations around issues of leadership, engagement, mindset & wellbeing. We work to deliver tailored coaching solutions for schools that include 1:1 coaching for school leaders and staff, as well as a coach education programme to develop the coaching capacity of your team. We also facilitate Appreciative Inquiries, seminars and workshops across school communities around a range of issues including: engagement, mindset, wellbeing and Digital Nutrition™
Positive Schools Cut Through Coaching Corner
At Positive Schools, Cut Through Coaching & Consulting will host a Coaching Corner to offer delegates the opportunity to get clear on, and discuss strategies to then get clear of, the challenges they might be facing. These complementary coaching conversations can help leaders get clarity about a whole-school change, or perhaps just their next step. You might be a middle leader wanting to explore ways to empower your teams, or perhaps you are a new teacher looking for the opportunity to talk about how you are settling into the profession. Whatever your circumstance, it's remarkable what a coaching conversation can offer, and we commit to following up with you to see how you progress.