Why are Questions are Better Than Answers?
Dan Haesler
Chances are, from time to time, you've found yourself giving advice or instructions only to watch on as your words are completely ignored. Or it's possible you may have seen the opposite, where your support is held in such regard, individuals appear incapable of making decisions, working or behaving independently. At this end of the spectrum, you have become their coping mechanism when things get tough. All the while of course, you have your own work to do and struggles to contend with. In this talk Dan Haesler will explore why when giving advice, offering questions tends to be a better strategy than coming up with the answers. Whether you're a leader, teacher, parent, partner or friend, you'll hear how holding back your help or advice might be better for everyone in the long run, and how by taking a coaching approach to conversations you can probably be useful by being less helpful.  

About Dan
Dan Haesler works with individuals and organisations around issues of leadership, engagement, mindset and wellbeing. As Director of Cut Through Coaching & Consulting he works with publicly listed companies, elite sporting organisations, government education projects, schools, professional associations and not-for-profit organisations. Dan is an international keynote speaker and regularly presents alongside well-known thought leaders and industry experts, as well as Olympians, Oscar winners and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He regularly features in the media and is passionate about equity and social justice. His first book, #SchoolOfThought is now available with all profits donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation who deliver books and literacy programmes to some of Australia’s hardest-to-reach communities.

An overview of Cut Through Coaching & Consulting
Cut Through Coaching & Consulting works with organisations around issues of leadership, engagement, mindset & wellbeing. We work to deliver tailored coaching solutions for schools that include 1:1 coaching for school leaders and staff, as well as a coach education programme to develop the coaching capacity of your team. We also facilitate Appreciative Inquiries, seminars and workshops across school communities around a range of issues including: engagement, mindset, wellbeing and Digital Nutrition™

Positive Schools Cut Through Coaching Corner
At Positive Schools, Cut Through Coaching & Consulting will host a Coaching Corner to offer delegates the opportunity to get clear on, and discuss strategies to then get clear of, the challenges they might be facing. These complementary coaching conversations can help leaders get clarity about a whole-school change, or perhaps just their next step. You might be a middle leader wanting to explore ways to empower your teams, or perhaps you are a new teacher looking for the opportunity to talk about how you are settling into the profession. Whatever your circumstance, it's remarkable what a coaching conversation can offer, and we commit to following up with you to see how you progress.