This talk will address the importance of considering the social context of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs and initiatives in schools and colleges.  Despite the positive impact of some SEL programs, many others have been found to be surprisingly ineffective or far less effective than anticipated.  In this presentation, Helen proposes that the reason for the lack of success of many SEL programs is the failure of schools to consider the context in which they are being delivered.  Contextual factors that will be considered include teacher social and emotional competency (SEC), student-teacher relationships, school normative practices and the wider physical environment.

About Helen

Dr Helen Street is an educational consultant with a background in psychology and mental health.  Her work exploring wellbeing, engagement and motivation in young people has been presented internationally in academic journals and in the popular media. She presents at schools, colleges and educational events; and writes regularly for Educational publications including Western Teacher magazine and The Positive Times ( Helen is one of the original creators of The Positive Schools conferences ( in addition to being a regular presenter at the events. The incredible success of the events is a satisfying reflection of her passion to bring positive education to all Australian schools.