Across the globe, educators, parents and citizens are asking how we can best prepare our youth for successful adulthood in the twenty-first century. Whilst this has been an age-old question, given the increases in mental illness, youth suicide and societal breakdown, the need has become even greater for learning experiences that allow youth to flourish, lead purposeful lives and contribute to society as virtuous citizens.  Schools are now seen as institutions whose role extends beyond academic competence in preparing the whole child (Huitt, 2010).

One way educational organisations can take a preventative approach to mental illness and to improve wellbeing is by equipping staff and students with Mental Fitness Habits helping to build their “resiliency muscle” to meet challenges both at school and in life.  Developed by Dr Paula Robinson and supported by an international expert panel (Robinson, Oades & Caputi, 2014) Mental Fitness is defined as “The modifiable capacity to utilise resources and skills to flexibly adapt to challenges or advantages, enabling wellbeing (optimal functioning)”. Based on her PhD research, Paula is arguably the first in the world to address the concept, measurement and development of Mental Fitness in schools.

These presentations by Dr. Paula Robinson will explore:


About Paula

Following a career as a senior executive, Dr Paula Robinson is now a registered, consulting Psychologist, author, speaker and Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute.  Paula specialises in the science, application and integration of traditional Psychology and Positive Psychology. She has completed her Bachelor of Science with first class honours and her Ph.D in Positive Psychology with a mental fitness focus, as well as numerous research studies, book chapters, invited presentations, workshops and strategic positive change programs for government, private organisations, schools and the wider community. 

Paula has been invited to present at conferences in Australia, Paris, Doha, Singapore and China on her work with schools and organisations. Paula has worked with over 150 schools, training and implementing both large and smaller scale Positive Education initiatives for leaders, teachers, students and parents. Paula has performed numerous expert advisory panel and media roles and is currently a lecturer for the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School, Laureate Universities and guest lecturer at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education. Paula has just published her first book Applied Positive Psychology in education, titled Practising Positive Education: A Guide to Improve Wellbeing Literacy in Schools.