A school can build resilient children, a school can provide excellent academic teachers, and your school has the ability to create leaders, creative thinkers, athletes and more; however it is impossible to do any of that without underpinning young adults with good nutrition which supports all aspects of their health…their physical body, mental awareness and emotional wellbeing.

It is exciting how schools are really embracing the wellbeing of our children and teenagers and School Nutrition Programs and teenagers’ diet is an extremely important topic. These young people are faced with mental, social, and emotional challenges daily and if they have a solid healthy foundation they are able to cope better with life’s challenges.

Michele has three growing, hungry teenagers, a busy husband and is the founder of A Healthy View. She understands ‘busy’ and knows what families need- easy, simple and tasty ideas and knowledge to underpin a family’s wellness. Michele will deliver a light-hearted presentation including the following learning objectives:

Our conversation will also include the impact of hidden sugar and why Michele has been asked by the World Health Organisation to speak on sugar.It will also include label reading and nutritional awareness that everyone can incorporate and integrate within their own family.


About Michele

Qualified nutritionist and wellbeing author, Michele Chevalley Hedge is the founder of A Healthy View and creator of the nutritionally awarded Low Sugar Lifestyle online program.  Michele is the author of Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies and her new book will be released this year on Hormone Happiness - just with a fork! Michele is an accomplished speaker and speaks weekly at a school or corporate workplace.  She can be heard every week on 2UE radio, and often seen on the Sunrise Morning show.  Her wellness articles are everywhere from MINDFOOD, Body & Soul to WHO magazine.  

Michele is a sought after media commentator for the SMH, Huffington Post, and health reports.

Michele was award the Highly Commended Practitioner of the Year by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and also nominated for Australian’s Mental Health awards.  Michele is Cure Cancer nutritional ambassador, Heart Research Australia Nutritional Ambassador and Jamie Oliver’s ambassador.