Making Hope Happen in Your School

We know from research that hope is not only related to improved wellbeing but it is also a predictor of academic and life success. Hope is an actionable target with links to grades, achievement scores, performance, retention, and future employment. This session provides insight into the benefits of hope and focuses on strategies educators can use to create an environment that promotes hope amongst students.

Building Ripples of Hope

As educators part of our role is to help students build hope for the future. Research indicates that when we focus on the strengths of each student they are 3x more likely to be hopeful. In this workshop, we will discuss the strengths of students and strategies that hopeful people employ: setting goals, having agency and seeking pathways. Participants will discuss hands-on ways to implement ‘hope builders’ and move away from ‘hope busters’ in the classroom.

About Peggy
Peggy is an educational strategies consultant and personal development coach. With experience in classroom teaching, educational leadership and administration and business management consulting, Peggy bring a highly-informed perspective to working with schools, universities and businesses across Australia. She uses a strengths-based approach to developing people, building, capability and enhancing hope, engagement and wellbeing.
Peggy encourages leaders to use data to help drive decision making. She works with them to create and implement tailored strategies that improve the performance, capability and productivity of their people. Peggy has extensive experience in workshop development and delivery/facilitation for small or large groups, individual and team coaching, including CEOs, senior executives, managers, school leaders, students and parents. Often her work utilises her extensive training in Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder, StrenghtsQuest and StrengthsExplore assessments.
As a business management, consultant at Gallup, Peggy started their Education Practice in Australia, bringing Gallup’s educational research and science to Australia, the first country outside of America. She launched the Gallup Student Poll (GSP) Australia and has been the spokesperson since inception in 2012. Peggy has served as keynote speaker and host for public events including GPS results breakfast sessions, radio, print and TV interviews (ABC News).
Additional, Peggy has been an invited speaker and keynote at prestigious educational association meetings such as the Australian College of Educators (ACE) NSW branch meeting, Independent Primary School Heads Association (IPSHA) NSW state branch meeting, Heads of Independent Co-educational Schools (HICES) meetings and Christian Education National (CEN) Schools branch meeting.
Above all, Peggy Jasperson has a passion for helping people realise and live their potential and for making a positive difference in the lives of others.