A whole school positive education approach aims to enhance the wellbeing of the students, teachers and parents in a school community. It aims to promote a positive culture in the school with a focus on nurturing positive emotions, relationship, engagement, achievement, health, meaning of life, and cultivating character strengths of students, teachers and parents. A proposed initial step to this approach involves a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis to identify the school’s uniqueness and the students’ needs. This is then followed by three-stage implementation:

In this workshop, the tasks implemented in each stage will be discussed. Ways to enhance learning of positive education and positive lifestyles of teachers and parents, incorporate implicit and explicit teaching of positive education to the students, foster a positive school culture and environment will be shared. The theoretical framework in the design of positive education curriculum and the pedagogy in delivering the curriculum will be examined. Finally, the effectiveness in implementing the whole school approach and future direction for positive education in Hong Kong will also be discussed.

About Sylvia
As an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences (SS) at the City University of Hong Kong, Sylvia’s research mainly focuses on the family ecological and positive psychological factors that are related to anxiety, depression and suicide of children and adolescents. She has published a number of papers related to children and adolescent mental health problems, parenting and positive psychology in international refereed journals, and has been invited to present in various local and international conferences and symposiums.
As the Convenor of the Positive Education Laboratory in SS, Sylvia has collaborated with over 100 local schools to promote positive education for the students, teachers, parents and the community. The school projects include: “Enhancing hope and gratitude to alleviate depression in primary school students”, “Promoting gratitude to lessen depression in secondary school students”, “Developing hope and optimism to decrease anxiety in secondary school students”, “Application of positive psychology for whole person development of pre-school children”, “Integrating positive psychology and elements of music therapy to alleviate anxiety and depression of primary and secondary school students”, “Implementing positive education to nurture wellbeing and enhance mental health of primary school students”.