The Positive Schools Team put in an enormous effort to create a great conference for 2020. As I write this message, I am thinking back to August 2019 when we started putting the 2020 themes together and inviting presenters on board. It seems so long ago and yet also, as if it were only yesterday. We have had to deal with multiple changes over the past few months, as have all of us.

Positive Schools has been hit incredibly hard with the impact of CV19 restrictions, border closures and ongoing health concerns, coupled with a loss of funding and uncertainty for the future. We now need to make some major decisions about the events and about our future direction. Consequently, having carefully considered our situation, we have developed what we believe to be a strong and creative path forward.

This new path is built upon our unwavering belief that Positive Schools’ messages, ideas and strategies have never been more relevant, more important or more needed. We hope this new path will provide value and meaning for all of you in 2020 and beyond, and we thank you in advance, for your continued support.

Moving Forward in 2020 The Positive Schools 2020 conference will now be made exclusively accessible to delegates as an ONLINE RECORDED EVENT along with a TWELVE-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to our forthcoming Positive Schools online PD library (, and an additional 20% DISCOUNT for use on any Positive Schools event taking place in 2021 or 2022, as follows:

1. Each delegate will receive online access to ALL presentations and workshops etc for each day they have registered for Positive Schools 2020. This access will be given for the FULL FIVE WEEKS of the events (in October and November) to ensure that everyone can watch the presentations in their preferred time, at their preferred pace, as works best for them.

2. A complementary virtual CONFERENCE SATCHEL and a downloadable CONFERENCE HANDBOOK containing a suggested running order of presentations and all presenter and presentation information will be accessible to all delegates.

3. A full TWELVE MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION TO POSITIVE SCHOOLS ONLINE will be provided to all delegates. Positive Schools Online is a 'soon to be launched' professional Learning library. This addition to the Positive Schools Initiative will offer a 'Netflix style' professional development library of peered reviewed presentations, conversations, articles and interviews with Positive Schools greatest presenters, past and present in addition to other world leaders in education, mental health and wellbeing. The service is inclusive of certificates of attendance.

4. All delegates will also receive a 20% DISCOUNT voucher for use at a Positive Schools live event in 2021 and 2022, in appreciation of their ongoing support. We believe the revised and updated Covid 19 strategy for Positive Schools 2020 ensures meaningful outcomes and value for the education community. It also helps to ensure the professional survival of all of us working so hard within this highly respected and much-loved initiative. Register now if you have not already done so and ensure you have access to all of the above for the rest of 2020, into 2021 and beyond.

Registered delegates will receive directions to access ALL OF THE ABOVE in the coming weeks.

The Positive Schools Initiative
An initiative to build sustainable ‘Positive Schools’ and colleges world-wide

A Positive School is a school or college that actively prioritizes and supports the wellbeing, engagement and social emotional learning of every member of the school or college community. A Positive School supports both contextual wellbeing and individual wellbeing ideas and strategies with a unified and comprehensive approach to creating thriving school communities

This ongoing support is provided with a key emphasis placed on:

1. Contextual Wellbeing

The identification and development of core values as normative behaviours within the school or college community.
The ongoing development of policy and practice that supports an equitable, cohesive and inclusive learning community.
The ongoing prioritization and support of teacher social emotional learning and wellbeing
The ongoing development of a healthy physical environment that supports an equitable, cohesive and inclusive learning community.
The ongoing support of self-determination and intrinsic motivation with an emphasis placed on meeting student and staff needs for autonomy, belonging and learning progression; and a de-emphasis placed on the use of extrinsic motivators, unhealthy competition and inequitable practice.

2. Individual Wellbeing

The explicit teaching of evidence-based knowledge and skills that support wellbeing and a love of learning in every student and staff member.
The identification and support of individuals struggling with social or emotional difficulties and/or engagement in learning as equal and valued members of the school community

The Positive Schools conferences support the development of positive schools and colleges though the sharing of evidence-based solutions and strategies, and personal stories and experiences.
The conferences welcome all educators, school leaders and allied health professionals from primary and secondary education.