PROJECT ROCKIT’s Rosie and Lucy will be our 'Stronger, Safer' stream hosts in addition to presenting at each event


30 Minute Talk – QLD, WA and NSW

Melbourne 90 minute workshop


Despite the fact that one third of Australian young people in early secondary school spend 10 hours or more online each week (ABS, 2011), there remains a lack of credible and youth friendly strategies for dealing with (cyber)bullying. Instead, when bullying happens online, there is a tendency to respond solely with technological filters and fix-its. However the abuse of social media, specifically (cyber)bullying, involves complex social issues including bystander behaviour, respect for women, identity, peer conflict and communication, and social labelling. We argue that in fact, the issue of (cyber)bullying houses broader social responsibilities and leadership opportunities for digital bystanders. Therefore technological approaches and attitudes toward (cyber)bullying must translate into a broader social context, echoing core personal development around ethics, citizenship and values.


Recently honoured in Washington D.C with the International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cyber Safety, PROJECT ROCKIT will introduce delegates to their digital classroom, the 4-part anti-bullying and leadership eLearning curriculum that’s available anywhere with an Internet connection. Described as an Aussie-first, the Digital Classroom is a multi-media rich technological innovation that is producing incredible results in classrooms all over the country.


Here are five key outcomes:


Increase awareness of complex social issues, barriers, motivations and benefits involved in the use of common social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Twitter, etc).

Examine real scenarios of (cyber)bullying that highlight current trends, risk behaviours and proactive digital citizenship.

Demonstrate that (cyber) bullying is both a social and technological issue by examining the interaction between on- and offline episodes of bullying.

Identify practical, socially oriented strategies for dealing with (cyber)bullying and promoting cyber-safe behaviour.

Promote the responsibilities and leadership opportunities for the digital bystander in standing up to humiliating, intimidating and hurtful online behaviour.


Additional 90 minute workshop information (VIC)


Rosie and Lucy Thomas will share the unique approach they have pioneered in working with hundreds and thousands of school students since 2006.  This workshop will cover PROJECT ROCKIT’s recipe for proactive bystanders and the "show-not-tell" approach to student learning to raise awareness and empathy of bullying victimization.  The workshop will also explore  ways to unite with students against bullying in collaborative risk assessment and strategy formulation.





Tackling (cyber)bullying, hate and ignorance by empowering young people to stand up and lead change


PROJECT ROCKIT was launched in 2006 by Rosie and Lucy Thomas, two Australian sisters who saw the opportunity to create real social change by tackling the issue of bullying in school communities.


To put it simply, PROJECT ROCKIT builds spaces where imagination,leadership, creative expression and acceptance are available to all young people, regardless of their social label, grades, gender, sexuality or cultural background.


In evaluation, 96% of students found PROJECT ROCKIT workshops personally helpful and 94% observed a difference in the culture of their year level following the program.

PROJECT ROCKIT interactive workshops have now worked with over 100,000 school students and presented at major national and international conferences as (cyber)bullying experts. In 2012 PROJECT ROCKIT launched an innovative online anti-bullying curriculum, which is an Australianfirst in the fight against (cyber)bullying.

Thanks to the support of the Telstra Foundation and some seriously cutting edge technology,


PROJECT ROCKIT are currently developing an app that will make sure young people are NEVER alone. The app will be a first of it’s kind and help young people spread compassion and kindness when they need it most  Extending beyond its grassroots work with young people, PROJECT ROCKIT also serves as a key consultant to Australian government bodies and corporates, including the Australian Communications

and Media Authority (ACMA), Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Telstra and Microsoft Australia, developing company-endorsed strategies for dealing with cyberbullying.


In 2012, PROJECT ROCKIT partnered with Facebook and headspace to launch the Be Bold. Stop Bullying National anti-bullying campaign with the support of the Australian Prime Minister, Minister for Mental Health and Minister for Education. Recently PROJECT ROCKIT has also teamed up with Telstra and Twitter to deliver cyber safety messages to young people all over the country.


Late last year, cofounders Lucy and Rosie Thomas presented a keynote in Washington D.C at the Family Online Safety Institute's annual conference and accepted the International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cyber Safety (nominated by Microsoft).


About Lucy


“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams” – Willy Wonka.


Growing up, Lucy Thomas always figured that “someone should really do something about bullying.” Then she realised: I am that someone. Now, with over 10 years experience in group facilitation, public speaking and youth work, Lucy has personally reached thousands of young people and established herself as a creative and innovative force in the youth space.Lucy is a Melbourne University graduate with Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas in Psychology, as well as a Bachelor of Creative Arts (honours). In 2010, she made her debut as an International speaker at the National Stop Girl Bullying Conference in Texas and has not looked back since. She has made multiple appearances as a cyberbullying expert for Channel 7, CBS and ABC news, as well as Cleo and Dolly magazines.


In 2010, Lucy was also named winner of Anthill Magazine’s 30 under 30 awards, which recognizes the achievements of 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 for their outstanding endeavours. Outside of PROJECT ROCKIT, Lucy currently sits on the board of Minus18, Australia’s largest youth led organization supporting LGBT young people. She also holds the post of Senior Writer at SheRa Magazine, a Los Angeles based publication “for girls who think.” This creative and socially conscious background, together with a solid grounding in psychology and youth development, has equipped Lucy with the precious ability to engage young people to generate self-awareness, growth and positive social change.


Discover Lucy’s own experience of surviving bullying here:


About Rosie


“The ones that are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs


Empowerpreneur, social justice junkie and cofounder of Australia’s youth-driven anti-bullying & leadership organisation PROJECT ROCKIT, Rosie is committed to providing totally innovative opportunities for young people to realize their potential.


Rosie is a highly energetic and passionate facilitator and keynote speaker, whose extensive experiences in working with diverse youth communities have bolstered her strong sense of compassion and understanding towards fellow young people. For the past 10 years, she has dedicated her professional life to helping the lives of young people.


Rosie has made numerous appearances as a cyberbullying expert in the popular print, radio and television domain, including being featured on Channel 7 news, Sunrise and interviewed by the panel on Channel10’s “The Project.” Girlfriend Magazine awarded her ‘Role Model of the Month’ in recognition of her commitment to empowering young women. In 2010, she took out first place in the Business Icon Awards, an intensive social entrepreneurship competition adjudicated by leading Australian business innovators. As a dynamic and seasoned speaker, Rosie has also presented at a range national and international conferences.


Rosie has completed her Bachelor of Arts and in 2012 received a scholarship to spark more social change at The School for Social Entrepreneurs. Later that year she was named Melbourne’s ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’. Rosie is passionate about using innovation and business solutions to solve longstanding social problems and in her spare time, provides business mentoring to local change makers and entrepreneurs.