Mind Food NSW

Lunch Time Sessions to Feed your Mind
Thursday 9th June 2016
13:00 – 13:30
(room allocation tba on the day)

As part of the Positive Schools 2016, we are introducing ‘MindFood’ lunch time sessions which will be held by a range of engaging and inspiring presenters across the four events.

Each Mind Food session provides an opportunity for delegates to hear additional presentations on current and important topics in a relaxed and informal setting.

These 30-minute sessions will each take place in a designated workshop room during the second half of the lunch hour on the Thursday of each event.

Interested delegates will be able to collect a priority lunch ticket during registration and/or morning tea on the day of the conference.


NSW Mind Food Presentations

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Promoting Students Learning and Wellbeing
Presented by Con Stough

Peer Support Degustation!
Presented by Sara De Vries


The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Promoting Students Learning and Wellbeing
presented by  Con Stough

Schools can play a pivotal role in students’ development of social and emotional competencies. As a specialised form of social intelligence, emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the perception, analysis and production of behaviours specific to emotional content.  This Mind Food presentation will demonstrate the how targeted EI development programs can provide the building blocks for students to develop skills that foster optimum mental wellbeing at school and in life.

Professor Con Stough is Co-director of the Swinburne Centre for Human Psychopharmacology and Professor of Psychology at Swinburne University. He has an extensive track record in research and consulting and has published more than 200 peer-reviewed international expert papers in the area of psychology and psychological development. Over the last 10 years his research team has focussed on applying EI to school settings, developing several measures of EI applicable to different ages as well as intervention programs aimed at improving emotional intelligence in children, adolescents and in teachers.


Peer Support Degustation!
presented by Sara De Vries

This workshop will provide a taster of additions to the Peer Support menu. The benefits of the Peer Support Program have long since been documented. Peers become potentially powerful models for socialisation, positive behaviours, motivation and achievement. Research indicates the need to enhance wellbeing and social/emotional competence in staff and parents, leading to authentic engagement of staff, parents and students.
Peer Support Australia has developed a range of new menu items, training and resources, to enable an Engaged School Approach.

Sara de Vries is the Education Program Manager for Peer Support Australia. She is an educator, writer and presenter passionate about changes in education. Sara has a background in primary and secondary education and has been involved in the evaluation and development of peer-led programs for the past 5 years.