Mind Food WA

Lunch Time Sessions to Feed your Mind
Thursday 26th May 2016
13:00 – 13:30
(room allocation tba on the day)

As part of the Positive Schools 2016, we are introducing ‘MindFood’ lunch time sessions which will be held by a range of engaging and inspiring presenters across the four events.

Each Mind Food session provides an opportunity for delegates to hear additional presentations on current and important topics in a relaxed and informal setting.

These 30-minute sessions will each take place in a designated workshop room during the second half of the lunch hour on the Thursday of each event.

Interested delegates will be able to collect a priority lunch ticket during registration and/or morning tea on the day of the conference.


WA Mind Food Presentations

Act-Belong Commit – the Why, the How and the Benefits
presented by Phoebe Joyce

Playground Resilience – Teaching Kids Social Skills that Work
presented by Claire Orange



Act-Belong Commit – the Why, the How and the Benefits

In this Mind Food talk, Phoebe will go through the Act-Belong-Commit self-assessment process to teach the participants practical strategies in assessing how mentally healthy their lifestyle is and if there are areas that can be improved upon. She will also discuss the specific benefits young people gain when the Act-Belong-Commit campaign principles are embedded within the whole school environment.

Phoebe Joyce has worked predominantly in disabilities and mental health and now works in youth mental health promotion and prevention. Phoebe coordinates the state-wide Mentally Healthy Schools Program, encouraging young people to protect and promote their mental health and wellbeing through the Act-Belong-Commit campaign.

Playground Resilience – Teaching Kids Social Skills that Work
presented by Claire Orange

The Playground - it's a jungle out there! In school playgrounds all over the world, children navigate socially difficult and ever-changing terrain. Some children have the genetic blueprint for warmth, friendliness and instant connection. Most others need to be explicitly taught the skills of self and social management in order to develop meaningful and lasting connections. The key is teaching children strategies that are clinically proven, that are easy to remember - even when under emotional duress and that encompass developing the child's inside tools (resilience, self-talk, self-soothing) and teaching outside-tools (bullying choices, fixing friendship flare ups, taming teasing).

Claire Orange is a speech pathologist, author, psychotherapist, accredited resilience and social and emotional learning trainer and parenting coach. She has worked in major teaching hospitals in Australia and overseas since 1993. Claire has co-authored Highway Heroes; Smart Life Skills 4 Kids and the Kids’ & Parent’s Notebooks – Social and Emotional Toolbox series (2015).