Heart/Mind/Hands-on opportunities for children to pay attention arise from Mindful practices.  These practices offer Mindful entry points to engage with the senses and enliven curriculum and classrooms!  Creative mindful approaches embrace personal learning styles and abilities to build awareness and self- efficacy.   First hand experiences allow for a myriad of personal discoveries and learning experiences. Ways to pause with awareness, befriend the self and build social connections create a welcome balance to busy schedules for students and teachers.

Content includes:

•          Creative props and resources to enhance Mindful learning experiences

•          An overview of core Mindful practices for children

•          Suggestions for age appropriate activities

•          Ways to dovetail Mindful practices with Positive Education


About Janet



Janet is a registered teacher, author, speaker and mindfulness educator. She has experience working across a diverse range of sectors, including education, health, the corporate sector, sport and community wellbeing.


Janet pioneered and taught creative mindful meditation programs aiming to enhance curriculum for students from Pre-School to Year 2. She has also facilitated staff training and courses for over 70 Government, Private and Special Schools and educational organizations. 

In 2010 she published ‘Meditation Capsules:  A Mindfulness Program for Children’.  Studies based on this Program have been undertaken by Masters/PhD candidates in Universities in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New Zealand and the US.  In 2016 Janet developed Primary and Secondary nature based Mindfulness curriculum for ‘Cool Australia’ and ‘Planet Ark’.