Parallel Stream Session
Thursday 16:05 – 16:50

“Thinking Makes It So” - Building Young People’s Resilience by Helping Them Manage Negative Emotions and Cope with Adversity
ASG You Can Do! Margaret Milne - Laurimar Primary School

Cognitive-behavioural theory, research and practice shows that:

This presentation will present a brief overview of an ABC modelAdversityàBeliefsàConsequences (for younger children: HappeningàThinkingàFeelingàBehaving) that is taught to young people. The basics of teaching cognitive re-structuring to young people will be illustrated. Finally, a range of rational beliefs that can be taught to young people will be shared. These beliefs enable young people to interpret adversity (teasing, bullying, rejection, mistakes, failure) in ways that ‘inoculate’ and protect them and which strengthen their resilience. They include: self-acceptance, other-acceptance and high frustration tolerance.

These principles of personal empowerment and resilience will be illustrated using examples of a ‘best practice’ cognitive-behavioural program (You Can Do It! Education) which includes a social-emotional learning curricula that helps young people cope with bullying.


About Margaret

Margaret Milne is a professional educator from Hurstbridge, Victoria and is a practising teacher with more than 35 years experience. With a passion for social and emotional learning, she was introduced to Professor Michael E. Bernard and his program You Can Do It! Education (YCDI!), in the late 1990s. Following extensive training with Dr Bernard, Margaret became the Victorian State Trainer for YCDI!.

Margaret has a primary certificate in rational-emotive behaviour therapy. She has trained teachers at hundreds of schools throughout the country and most recently, at an International school in Papua New Guinea. Margaret has also spoken to many parent groups about the principles of YCDI! - confidence, resilience, persistence, organisation and getting along with others.

Margaret has collaborated with Dr Bernard on several projects including: School Procedures and Practices for Responding to Students Who Bully, a report commissioned by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. She is currently employed in the role of Social Emotional Learning Coach at Laurimar Primary School and continues to offer training in You Can Do It! Education throughout Australia.


The Resilience Doughnut is a strength based and solution focused intervention aim to help change the trajectory of a student from disengaged to engaged, from risk to Resilience, and to enhance a school culture of optimism. The model aspires to build resilience through the development of the development of self-esteem, self-efficacy and social skills. Programs and workshops that draw on the model have been used in over 100 schools throughout Australia and internationally.


This workshop will give an overview of the Resilience Doughnut model and show how various schools have used the model to underpin programs aimed at raising resilience in their school communities. Research findings from these programs show that students who are experiencing the most difficulties benefit the most from the programs based on the Resilience Doughnut. The Resilience Report, a measurement tool, will also be presented showing why immediate, comprehensive and reliable data needs to influence program intervention, using a strength approach.


About Lyn

Lyn is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in nursing, teaching, and youth work. Her experience includes working in prisons, hospital s and schools and with young people on the streets. She is currently the Director of the Resilience Centre, where she works therapeutically with individuals and groups, supervises specialist psychologists and coordinates community seminars, training workshops, and resilience groups for people of all ages.


Her passion in all things ‘resilience’ has led to the creation of the ‘Resilience Doughnut’, a pioneering model showing the strong contexts where resilience is enhanced, both during development and throughout adulthood. Lyn has presented the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ at many parent forums, staff development days and conferences for professional who work with children and young people. Lyn is well known for her optimistic approach to finding helpful solutions. She has a dynamic style of relating and teaching across disciplines, and her presentations focus on personal and practicable applications to enhance learning.