Schools are busy places and the workload is only increasing. Administrative requirements, community expectations and the need to meet higher standards takes its toll. Research confirms that school staff are burning out at higher rates than ever before. Schools have been focussing on student wellbeing for a number of years but it can seem that the focus has been taken off those most responsible for the wellbeing of the students. A healthy school requires healthy teachers.


Successfully managing high workloads isn’t just about working smarter – not harder. It requires intentional practices at the personal and school level to ensure staff are able to work sustainably at their peak. The team of Organisational Psychologists at Kaya have synthesised the research around wellbeing in the workplace and have developed a practical tool for understanding the factors that drive individual wellbeing.


This session provides practical steps for staff so that they can manage their energy, juggle multiple priorities and look at time management in a whole new way. The way forward is not about asking staff to squeeze more into their lives. Rather it’s through providing a proven paradigm for understanding how they work at their best.




About Stephen


Stephen is a Director at Kaya Consulting, an international Organisational Psychology firm. He has spent a number of years working in and around schools in a variety of leadership roles ranging from pastoral care positions, external educational consultancy and leadership coaching.


Stephen is an Industrial Organisational Psychologist with a focus on workplace wellbeing and leadership practices that lead to organisational effectiveness and wellness. Due to his experience working on national wellbeing projects over the last 5 years he has a particular interest in working with school leaders to assist them with their own wellbeing – the often forgotten factor in creating mentally healthy schools.