Inspired by the extraordinary life nomads still lead today, Tim Cope embarked on a journey that hadn’t been successfully completed since those times: to travel on horseback across the entire length of the Eurasian steppe, from Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine to the Danube River in Hungary.

From horse-riding novice to travelling three years and 10,000 kilometres on horseback, accompanied by his dog Tigon, Tim learnt to fend off wolves and would-be horse thieves, and grapple with the extremes of the steppe as he crossed sub-zero plateaux, the scorching deserts of Kazakhstan and the high-mountain passes of the Carpathians. Most importantly though he was also taken in by people who looked after him with open hospitality and humbling generosity of spirit. Through his experiences with nomads, he learnt their traditional ways and beliefs, that not only transformed him, but helped prepare him for the greatest challenge of his journey – a family tragedy that struck in Australia while he was still en-route to Hungary.

In words and images Tim Cope will share this epic adventure through the land of the nomads, with a focus on the lessons he learned, including the importance of perseverance, community, taking risks, appealing to the better side of human beings, making friends beyond one’s familiar culture, and developing a sense of resilience, patience, and integrity.

About Tim

Tim Cope, National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007, is an adventurer, author, and filmmaker from Gippsland in Victoria. Tim has studied as a wilderness guide in the Finnish and Russian subarctic, ridden a bicycle across Russia to China, rowed a boat through Siberia to the Arctic Ocean, and travels annually to Mongolia as a guide. Tim's most renowned journey was a three-year, 10,000 kilometre journey by horse from Mongolia to Hungary on the trail of Genghis Khan.

Tim has combined his experiences with a love of writing, photography and film and is the creator of several documentary films, including The Trail of Genghis Khan (6-part series for ABC Australia and ZDF/Arte in Europe). He is also the author of Off the Rails: Moscow to Beijing on Recumbent Bikes and On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey through the Lands of the Nomads, the latter of which won the'Grand Prize' at the Banff International Mountain book and Film Festival 2013. In 2015 Tim became the international envoy for Mongolian Tourism in recognition of his work celebrating Mongolian culture.

Tim has been working in schools, and the education industry more generally as a speaker for more than 15 years. He is passionate about opening the minds of young people to the world of opportunities that exist beyond their doorstep. Currently Tim is writing two new books – a picture storybook in collaboration with Alison Lester, and an adventure story for young adults. 

For more information, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBdLE6Bt-oc