One of the by-products of our 21st Century life is anxiety… and more anxiety. However we’re not content with mere anxiety, we add a good dose of stress and then bit more until we’re stressed and anxious most of the day, and that’s just the adults.

Kids and teens are feeling it too. Once you add some teenage hormones, parental expectations and a little peer pressure to the mix the classroom can become a place where confidence is crushed, insecurities fester and tensions peak. That’s no fun for anyone and, as we all know, no fun means unhappy students, all sorts of behaviours, teachers tearing their hair out and it’s all downhill from there.

Toni’s hilarious true story The Yellow Car offers the simplest of tools to help kids and teens calm themselves immediately. This is a story that helps people (of all ages) gain perspective and learn to laugh at their worries. The Yellow Car is particularly effective for kids and teens as it gives them power, control and confidence by putting them firmly in the driver’s seat of their lives. Toni will be talking about The Yellow Car and sharing, as only a recovering worrywart can, some of her favourite ways to stay calm


About Toni


Toni Powell has been on a quest to find simple ways to bring joy and contentment into her life. Her search has found her interviewing neuroscientists, psychologists, religious leaders and happiness researchers from around the world. Being a storyteller at heart, Toni takes all she learns and turns it into frank and highly entertaining talks and classes that she shares at conferences, in schools, at work places and online.

Toni Powell’s latest project The Yellow Car – How I stopped driving myself crazy is a quirky and life-changing illustrated book that wipes worry lines from the faces of all who read it.


She’s made two award-winning short films and, in her spare time, is working on a documentary about gratitude called‘Goodness Gracious Me!” Toni has been the subject of an inspiring episode of ABC’s Australian Story called 'Let There Be Light' ‘Let There Be Light’.