The What Works Expo will be held on the Thursday afternoon of each Positive Schools 2016 event in the main plenary room or an equivalent space at the event.

All delegates are welcome to attend the expo for as long as they choose.

The What Works Expo will showcase ideas, programs and strategies from schools around Australia that have been found to be effective in promoting wellbeing, positive mental health and a love of learning.

Ideas will range from simple classroom strategies (such as teacher Brendan Egan’s decision to play background music while his year three children work collaboratively) to whole school programs such as a positive education program or whole school community initiative.

Want to participate?


All participating schools receive a group discount to attend the Positive Schools 2016 conference*.

Participation gives you an opportunity to tell others about the things that work to promote social and emotional learning, wellbeing and a positive community in your classroom and/or school.

Is there something you do in your classroom that, however simple, works really well to support your students in their education?

We are looking to present ideas, strategies, initiatives and programs, no matter how big or how small, that work to nurture the following key aspects of effective education:


Each successful school will be given


Simply spend ten minutes completing the What Works online form by clicking on the below


Perhaps you too are a teacher who plays music in class to calm boisterous students. Perhaps you are a principal venturing forward with a whole school program to increase community relations. As long as you have experience of it working to make a positive difference, no initiative is too large or too small.

For example, Rosalie Primary School put suggestions for gestures of kindness and goodwill on tags and pinned them to a tree growing outside of the school gates. In the lead up to Christmas community members took ownership over a suggestion and, once they had completed the task, added a Christmas decoration to the tree.  I witnessed the tree turn from a mass of paper tags to a twinkling mass of tinsel and baubles representing completed gestures.

Meanwhile, Ferny Grove High School music department installed two sandwich toasters in the staff room along with donations of bread and cheese. They then invited students to pop in and make a toastie whenever they wanted. They have had an amazing response to this simple idea, building strong relationships between staff and students. A great example of how open doors lead to cohesive communities.


We look forward to reading about what works in your class or school… and to welcoming you to Positive Schools 2016

*Note – all What Works participants will need to be registered for day one (or both days one and two) of the Positive Schools 2016 conference they are attending