Increasing sedentary lifestyle, decreasing physical activity, disrupted sleep patterns and high levels of technology use are not only affecting young people’s bodies but research is increasingly showing it is affecting their mood and ability to cope with stress. 

Media personality and creator of the award winning Happy Body At Work program, Anna-Louise Bouvier explores how small changes to everyday habits can boost energy and mood and take the messiest young person to magnificence!

Learning objectives

About Anna-Louise
Physiotherapist and wellbeing expert, Anna-Louise is the Executive Director and Creator of the multi award winning Happy Body At Work program. This Joint Venture with the ABC and has rolled out wellbeing programs to over 20,000 people in organisations as diverse as Optus, the ASX, Minter Ellison, Lendlease, the University of Sydney and UTS. She also created the ABC Slumpy Kids Series which specifically targeted the impact of slumpy posture on mood and energy in 7-15 year olds.
She is the Exec Director and creator of Physiocise, which over the past 20 years has taught over 66,000 classes to people with bad backs and wobbly bodies including many children and adolescents. 
Anna-Louise is a sought after media commentator and appears regularly on ABC local radio and on the Today Show. She was an expert on the ABC's Making Couples Happy and Making Australia Happy. She has released 3 DVD's and 3 best selling books