IZRA’s ‘Failing Well’ workshop reassesses our culture’s views on failure. The workshop begins with challenging the old saying “What would we do if we knew we couldn’t fail?” and in turn asks, “What would we do, if we were the kind of people that failure couldn’t crush?”

In our imperfect world where everyone fails at multiple points in their life, the second question is far more empowering, but how do we get there? How do we raise up a resilient generation that failure doesn’t crush? This workshop then looks at the work of Professor Carol Dweck around The Psychology of Success. Dweck’s work has found that our culture traditionally approaches failure out of two mindsets, a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset.

After exploring the behaviours and outcomes of each mindset, we start to understand the importance of developing a Growth Mindset within this generation. To succeed and to develop a resilience to failure, we must cultivate the understanding that ‘Failure is only something that happens, never something that you are’.  

About Cassie

Passionate about young Australians being connected with Purpose and equipped with Resilience, Cassie Kirtisingham has developed the lifestyle brand, IZRA. IZRA’s unique programs use Creative, Resilience and Entrepreneurial workshops in schools, to engage students with a plan for healthy progression towards their future.

Winner of the Foundation for Young Australian's Young Social Pioneer's Program, Cassie speaks for iZRA to ages 10+ as well as within the Start Up community around Creativity, Risk and her favourite topic, Failure.

Cassie’s youth, along with her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Development, uniquely position her to bring a fresh and creative perspective.

A wonderful opportunity for teachers to taste a bit of mindfulness.

Amidst the hectic pace of modern schooling, how can a little bit of mindfulness help a teacher through his or her busy day?

Suitable for the absolute beginner or the experienced practitioner alike, this session focuses on mindfulness specifically for the education sector.

The session will briefly introduce participants to the theory that underlies mindfulness. We focus on mindfulness from a teacher’s perspective, and how it can help teachers to better manage the stress and pressure of modern classrooms – in the firm belief that perhaps the most important ingredient in a successful classroom is a happy, relaxed teacher.

Most of the session will be devoted to teachers ‘doing’ some mindfulness, including a breathing exercise and a wonderfully soothing body scan practice to help teachers relax both mind and body.

The session will conclude with a look at how teachers can themselves teach these simple yet powerful exercises to their students as a way of further embedding mindfulness in the classroom.

This highly practical session is also the perfect way to unwind a little bit at lunchtime during the busy conference to help you stay nice and calm so you can reap all the benefits that the Positive Schools program has to offer.  

About Brad

Brad is the founder and director of Felstead Education, one of Australia’s leading specialist providers of mindfulness programs for the education sector.

He has a passion for helping people to achieve at their personal best, while maintaining excellent health and managing the stresses associated with modern life.

Brad is the creator of numerous educational programs including Mindfulness for Teachers, The Mindful School, Mindfulness for Teenagers and The Mindful School Leader. He is also the author of The Balanced Student, The Art of Relaxation and the upcoming Teen Sleep.

Brad has over 20 years experience as an educator, and his range of lectures, DVDs and presentations, covering a broad range of subjects, have been seen by over 200,000 viewers in close to 1000 schools throughout Australia, Europe, America and Asia.