The Positive Schools Initiative consists of three key domains – The Positive Times online magazine (www.positivetimes.com.au), The Positive Schools Conference series.
The Positive Schools Initiative is a combined Australian and UK initiative proudly supported by The University of Western Australia Faculty of Education, The University of Cambridge Wellbeing Institute, Geelong Grammar School Institute of Positive Education and The Berry Street Childhood Institute among others.

The Positive Schools Initiative key team members and supporters
Neil Porter and Dr Helen Street (Chairs)
Dr Fenny Muliadi (administrator and research assistant)
The Very Reverend Richard Pengelley
Professor Donna Cross, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Professor Toni Noble and Luka Lesson (Australian Positive Schools Ambassadors)
Professor Sue Roffey (UK Positive Schools Ambassador)
Professor Helen Wildy, Dean of Education at The University of Western Australia
Professor Felicia Huppert, Director of The University of Cambridge Well-being Institute.
Justin Robinson, Charlie Scudamore and David Bott, Geelong Grammar School Institute of Positive Education
Tom Brunzell and Leonie Abbott, Berry Street Childhood Institute
Paula Nathan, Former Director CCI Health Department of Western Australia
Lord James O’Shaughnessy, International Positive Education Network
Michael Hardie, Queensland Department of Education, Australia
Principals Australia Institute

Aims and Objectives
To provide solution focused ideas and strategies for nurturing wellbeing, positive mental health and a love of learning and life in young people.
To offer grounded ideas and strategies about youth wellbeing and positive education in an informative and socially relevant way.
To further understandings of youth wellbeing, learning, motivation and positive education with grounded research.
To close the gap between academic understanding and research findings and current practice in schools, colleges, hospitals and other establishments with a duty of care for young people.
To inspire all those working with young people to challenge traditional thinking and embrace a positive, grounded approach to nurturing better mental health, wellbeing and a more positive and valuable educational experience.
To promote shared social and community values that prioritise positive personal and community relationships and nurture a unified and diverse society.
To promote social and emotional learning as a foundation for all education in young people in educational settings, health care settings and other places of learning.
To engage, ignite and inspire everyone involved with youth mental health, education and wellbeing.