About Cathy

Cathy Quinn has been involved in schools all her life as a teacher, principal, consultant and most importantly as a parent. She discovered life from the other side of the principal’s desk when interacting in her own children’s education realizing that parents only want the best for their child and are pivotal in the educational process.

Cathy has conducted wide research and study in the topic “Parental Engagement in Schools” and as a result has developed specialized strategies based on the latest world research. She has refined these strategies into a simple “how to” format specifically focused on providing parents, teachers and principals a clear path resulting in a unified learning environment. She is passionate about parental engagement and her strategies debunk a lot of old theories on how to engage parents in the learning process.



About Julie

Dr Julie Hodges is currently a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. She is a clinical psychologist and former teacher. Twelve years spent ‘at the coal face’ in Queensland primary and secondary schools, combined with her work as a trainer in the delivery of parenting programs to practitioners has allowed Julie to develop an understanding of the relationship between home and school from the perspective of both stakeholders.

Julie’s research interests draw on her background as a teacher and her more recent experience as a clinical psychologist. She is keenly interested in supporting the wellbeing and self-regulatory capacity of children and adolescents and the influence that working a working relationship between schools and families can have on young people’s outcomes. Julie’s interest in exploring the interplay between these contexts has led to group of like-minded researchers from the University of Queensland turn their attention to developing a program of research into facilitating the alliance between schools and parents.