Mindful Meditation Australia Workshop
Dr Stacey Waters
Mindful Meditation Australia recently completed a formative research project headed by researcher Dr Stacey Waters that explored the way in which mindfulness is being used in Western Australian schools.  The formative research recommended a tailored whole-school approach to mindfulness. 

Mindful Meditation Australia will teach some simple mindfulness and meditation techniques that you can begin to use in your classrooms.  Dr Stacey Waters will share the latest research on how mindfulness can benefit schools and students.  And, you will be given an overview of the unique "tailored whole school approach to mindfulness”.  

About Stacey

Dr Stacey Waters is an experienced health promotion practitioner and researcher with extensive intervention research expertise.  Stacey has led Edith Cowan University’s Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) for three years and has a strong track record in health promotion intervention research focusing on bullying prevention, mental health promotion, road safety, injury control and social skill development in children and adolescents.  Stacey was the State Convenor of ARACY, the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and worked closely with stakeholders across WA to implement The Nest action agenda and ARACY’s Parent Engagement in Children’s Learning Project.  Stacey is also the founder and Director of Health Promotion Solutions, an independent health promotion consulting service for the government, not-for-profit and school sectors.  Her current clients include the City of Rockingham, City of Wanneroo, the Independent Living Centre, the Association of Independent Schools in NSW, Edith Cowan University and Mindful Meditation Australia. Stacey also teaches in the post-graduate Health Promotion program at Curtin University.

Stacey’s PhD research investigated the active components of a school’s environment, or ecology, which influence the extent to which young people feel connected to their school and the role this plays in promoting mental health.  She has won over $5 million in competitive research funding and has published her research widely in the scientific literature.  She has also provided extensive expert consultation for Government and non-Government organisations preparing formative intervention designs and program evaluations, and the immediate Past President of the Injury Control Council of WA, Deputy Chair of the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation and inaugural chair of the Mount Pleasant Primary School Board.