In 2016, 46% of the world population, had an internet connection, with a significant proportion being utilised by school-aged children and young people (internetlivestats 2016). 

Although not specifically designed to concentrate on wellbeing improvement, research related to the internet and the associated technologies indicates that this is not only possible but happening right now. 

This presentation will highlight the current research findings from Positive Education and a selection of practices and resources that are currently being developed and accessed by educators, teachers, parents and students to encourage more positive interactions in an online environment and contributing towards student wellbeing.

 About Paula

Following a career as a senior executive, Dr Paula Robinson is now a registered, consulting Psychologist, author, speaker and Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute.  Paula specialises in the science, application and integration of traditional Psychology and Positive Psychology. She has completed her Bachelor of Science with first class honours and her Ph.D in Positive Psychology with a mental fitness focus, as well as numerous research studies, book chapters, invited presentations, workshops and strategic positive change programs for government, private organisations, schools and the wider community. 
Paula has been invited to present at conferences in Australia, Paris, Doha, Singapore and China on her work with schools and organisations. Paula has worked with over 150 schools, training and implementing both large and smaller scale Positive Education initiatives for leaders, teachers, students and parents. Paula has performed numerous expert advisory panel and media roles and is currently a lecturer for the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School, Laureate Universities and guest lecturer at Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education. Paula has just published her first book Applied Positive Psychology in education, titled Practising Positive Education: A Guide to Improve Wellbeing Literacy in Schools.

About Nicky

A teacher and wellbeing leader for over 20 years in NSW, Nicky is the Student Wellbeing Consultant at AISNSW.

In this role Nicky is able to share student wellbeing and pedagogical approaches in schools across NSW with the aim of assisting educators to provide a safe and supportive school climate for their teachers and students. Nicky’s role includes extensive cross sectoral work and collaboration on a range of projects to support students in all education sectors and particularly to provide a voice for independent schools. Her current role incorporates whole-school wellbeing approaches along with experience in child protection training, PDHPE curriculum advice and support -  working with a range of educators from classroom practitioners to school executives.

Nicky strives to promote positive working relationships and build the capacity with her peers and colleagues, and also enjoys collaborating with like-minded professionals. She is committed to improving wellbeing and knows that teachers and mentors are one of the key influences in students' lives - in partnership with families and support networks.