Drawing from his work in schools around Australia, Dr Rubenstein will discuss the immense opportunity that exists for educators to utilise school based Rites of Passage to celebrate and acknowledge students transitions through different stages of their lives.

Clearly defining the elements of a Rite of Passage and how they can be implemented anywhere from Prep through to Grade 12, he will illustrate how School camps, end of year celebrations, transitions from primary to high school, Year 12 graduation , all are perfect times to implement a Rites of Passage for students.

Through his own work and examples from traditional cultures from around the world, Dr Rubenstein will demonstrate to participants how a whole school approach Rites of Passage principles can:

About Arne
Dr Arne Rubinstein is an expert on Rites of Passage, with 30 years experience as a doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. His programs and seminars have been attended by over 25,000 people in Australia and around the world and are designed to support boys and girls to successfully make a safe, healthy transition from children to young adults, with a particular focus on creating coming of age ceremonies.
Arne’s 2013 book, The Making of Men, has become a bestseller and is a practical handbook for parents and teachers of boys. Arne was the Founding CEO of the Pathways Foundation, and more recently, was the founder of Uplifting Australia. His work has also been informed by practising for 15 years as a GP specialising in adolescent health, and preventative and emergency medicine.
Dr. Arne’s extensive knowledge on Rites of Passage, Corporate Leadership and Adolescent Development and Transformation provide a fresh insight that will engage and educate any audience.