This workshop explores the significance of our mindset in shaping a better future. The importance of having a Growth Mindset, rather than a Fixed Mindset, is well established in the positive psychology and positive education literature. One’s mindset reflects personally distinguishable attitudes, beliefs, and values, which influences one’s ability to learn and be successful. However, we will present evidence suggesting the global emergence of a third mindset, one that is fundamentally redefining success; from being the best in the world, to being the best for the world. A Benefit Mindset.
This session will introduce the Benefit Mindset as a complementary evolution of the Fixed and Growth Mindset, symbolised by people who promote wellbeing on both an individual and collective level. Workshop participants will be asked to envision how they can use the Benefit Mindset to shape a better future for all. This session will be interactive, playful and thought provoking —encouraging participant-led visions of how we can make a difference in our everyday lives.

About Ash
Ash is a design and developmental consultant with over ten years’ experience spanning the areas of wellness, leadership and sustainability. He believes in creating spaces – physically, psychologically, socially and ecologically – that open the mind, engage the senses and touch the soul. His work is informed by a love for the natural world, and a passion for bringing people closer together. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering and is a past Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. He developed the Benefit Mindset as part of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne.