Video Self Modelling (VSM) is an emerging, exciting evidence-based intervention. It involves creating a short video using simple videoing and editing techniques that allows subjects to see others performing a skill that is just out of their reach, but which is potentially reachable.
In a school community, VSM can be done in a group setting, focusing on peers performing a skill. VPM (Video Peer Model) videos show peers performing a skill positively framed, which in turn instigates a change in the group’s behaviour/skill. This can also be extended to entire school cohorts, and has been evidentially successful across schooling systems in Victoria. Research has shown that VSM can be a successful intervention in greater than 80% of cases with only 12 minutes of intervention time.
Using this tool, and aligning it with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), individual educators and entire schools have rapidly transformed their schools to positive, predictable and calm environments which translates to better social and behavioural outcomes for students. There are plenty of examples of schools achieving great success using this approach.
VSM is simple and quick to learn. In this presentation, learn about VSM, how to use it and apply it quickly both within the classroom and across the entire school for rapid positive change. An excellent tool for both educators and school administrators.

About Shane
Shane is a media specialist and Leading Teacher in Victoria, Australia. He has experience teaching across a range of settings, and held positions in education including Lead Teacher, Principal, University Lecturer and State-wide Coordinator of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS), Victoria for DET.
He continues to develop and pioneer media use to implement SWPBS in schools. He has won various awards, including; Teacher of the Year, Victorian Education Excellence Awards, Teacher of the Year, PASS Victoria, Runner Up Lindsay Thompson Fellowship, ISS Institute Fellow Recipient and Scholarship Winner and VEEA Scholarship Winner 2014.
Shane has worked and spoken with many leaders in education world-wide, and speaks regularly at both national and international conferences on Positive Behaviour Support and Video Self Modelling.

About Anthea
Anthea has many years of experience in teaching both secondary and primary levels across a range of settings, including mainstream, special education and University. She holds a Masters of Education from Deakin University in Special Education and Advanced Certificate in Autism- from ACU. Anthea has broad experience working with students with Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. 
Anthea is passionate about the use of video peer modelling (VPM) and video self modelling (VSM) and its benefits in engaging and transforming students, especially those with special needs, who are usually visual learners. Her work has transformed the School-Wide Positive Behaviour Framework within many schools. Anthea was the 2013 Runners Up- Primary Special Education Teacher of the Year -PASS Awards