Is it possible to create a school community where everyone trusts not only each other, but also themselves?
This presentation explores the science of honesty and trust, and asks what we can do to effectively ‘normalize’ honesty and ethical behaviour in our student populations. How do we make it ‘normal’ for students to make ethical and honest life-style choices in their day-to-day lives? 
By definition, honest students develop honest relationships with each other. They adhere to school policies and practices and to the ethical sensibilities of their social environment. They don’t cheat others; and they don’t cheat themselves. Rather, honest and ethical students take pride in their life style choices, their achievements and in their social world.

About Helen

Dr. Helen Street is the co-creator and chair of the internationally acclaimed Positive Schools Initiative. The Positive Schools Initiative incorporates The Positive Schools Conference Series and The Positive Times. Founded in 2009 in Western Australia, The Positive Schools Conference Series has become Australia’s most prestigious mental health and wellbeing conference series for educators. The first Positive Schools Singapore conference was held in 2015. 
Helen has a background in applied social psychology and youth mental health and has worked extensively supporting mental health in schools and colleges since 1999. She is also an adjunct research consultant for the health department of WA's Centre for Clinical Interventions and an Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Graduate Education at The University of Western Australia. Helen is the author of several books and book chapters including best sellers ‘Standing Without Shoes’ (written with George Burns) and ‘Better Than OK’ (co-edited with Positive Schools co-creator, Neil Porter). She also writes regularly for Educational publications including Western Teacher magazine and The Positive Times (www.positivetimes.com.au).
Helen lives in Western Australia with her partner, Neil, and their three daughters.